👋 I'm

Luke Giuliani

Nice to meet you.

I'm into tech and making the world a better place. I'm mostly interested in doing everything I can to stave off climate change.


I'm currently Deputy Executive Director and Chief Technology Officer at Greenpeace Australia Pacific.


Squareweave is a digital agency I founded with my mate Will. Later we sold it to Ackama (they're good folks).


I once opened a cafe in Fitzroy, Grace.
It's lovely.

Climate for Change

I was the inaugural board chair at Climate for Change, who are doing really awesome grass roots organising on climate.

Right Now

I was also on the board of Right Now, a human rights publication based in Melbourne.

... and

And then I've done a few other things working in education, energy and civic society.

I'm always
up for a chat


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    Brunswick East ☕️
    Melbourne, Australia

    Also, the Internet

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    Woah maybe email me first 😅